Saying goodbye never seemed so hard...:(

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For the last time, how are all my beautiful and wonderful classmates? I hope very stressed up with fyp and consumer fair, right? I just want to thank all my classmates and specially Ms. Christine for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts via this blog to all of you towards my beloved airlines company. I have very much enjoyed doing this blog as this was the only assignment I yet did which did not have any specific guidlines, which really let us open up to each other and show it for the grades sake of each other. And the most amazing thing is I never did blogging or any IT related things before, so I gradually learnt how to blog my thoughts beautifully. That is why I really appreciate this approach by our beloved lecturer once again.

Today I would like to add on the information that Malaysian Airlines top management has also done similar thing for the airlines company by empowering the employees writing their own thoughts towards the company via blogging. I was really surprised to experience the irony that we are doing the same thing for our main purpose, we for study and them for their job. It was really amazing to find it out. In this blog they talk about anything happened, happening or going to happen inside the organization. This is a very good approach to me as it gives the company a good public exposure and also attracts the audiences closer to the company. Because as audiences, we judge the normal employees just like us but we position the top management of any company in higher stage and we also tend to think that the top management people are out of our league but the lower management employees can read our thoughts. So when we see them writing something we feel very touched with their emotional expressions.

So once again bravo to Malaysian Airlines for their recent approaches which show their efforts of trying to be a familiar and homely name to the customers for better acceptance. I wish their success to the maximum limit and I also wish all my fellow classmates a very prosperous trimester ahead (whatever we are left with) and also Ms. Christine thank you and best of luck. Finally best of luck to me for my future life ahead as I am finishing of my MMU academic life this trimester hopefully. Gambateh people, live life to the fullest...:D

This is the link for the MAS blog: or you can just go click on the link named MAS's blog that I have posted just after my blog list...:)

Malaysian Airlines' First Class among the other giants...;)

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Greetings to my fellow classmates, this is going to be my last blog where I am going to talk about some features and facts of Malaysian Airlines. I am feeling really attached to the company right now as I have studied it completely out of my own curiosity. I really enjoyed the facts that I found out and this is going to be my last picked out findings about the airlines company that I want to share with you guys.

We all know that every airlines company has certain classes inside the aircrafts, as a member of consisten business class passenger I never really got to enjoy the facilities inside the first class cabins, I will enjoy it very soon on my own earnings hopefully. I have always wondered about which airlines has the best exclusive services among so many companies. Now you may think there are Emirates, Qatar Airways, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airlines etc. So probably Malaysian Airlines' exclusive class will not be even compared to these companies' ones. But the surprising fact is that folks Malaysian Airlines has one of the best Business Class facilities on air and it was even chosen the best Business Class facilities provider in Malaysia-Sydney route a couple of yeras back when this company had to compete with so many other reputed ones as this route is pretty famous and common one for the airlines' companies. Now in this blog I am going to show you the images of world's 10 best first classes among all the airlines companies in the world. Enjoy watching and dream about experiencing by yourself in the future.

World’s 10 Best First Classes

1. Qatar Airways
Flying first-class here means access to a separate terminal in Doha that mimics a five-star hotel with several fine-dining restaurants, a medical center, and a spa with sauna and Jacuzzi. On board passengers get caviar service, full-size pillows, white linen mattresses, Australian wool blankets and Bulgari toiletry kits. The seats are 79 inches long, have 15-inch LCD screens and come with a 23-inch meal table that allows dining for two, just as in a restaurant.

2. Singapore Airlines
Passengers here have total control of their experience including picking between Dom Perignon and Krug champagne and food whenever they want it and however they want it whether it’s an extravagant five-course blowout or a quick meal served all at once. The seats are 82 inches long and 35 inches wide. Fliers are given a Ferragamo toiletry kits, Givenchy sleep suits and slippers. Seats flatten into beds with sheets, a down duvet and oversize pillows.

3. Cathay Pacific
Seats here become ’suites,’ thanks to sliding panels that provide total privacy. They turn into 81-inch-long beds and have built-in massagers. Each flier also gets a personal closet to store belongings. Cathay got high marks for its food: It’s one of the only carriers to have rice cookers, skillets and toasters onboard, so parts of meals are prepared fresh, like eggs made to order.

4. Malaysia Airlines
This airline is a winner for its service–welcoming and warm, yet efficient. The seats are individual pods that turn into 180-degree flat beds. Fliers also get plush blankets and pillows. Food includes Malaysian cuisine, like a signature satay. On the ground, Kuala Lumpur’s first-class lounge has a new upscale restaurant.

5. Thai Airways
First-class fliers are greeted by a personal concierge at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi’s Airport who checks them in and escorts them through security. The lounge has wi-fi, a sauna and a spa offering Thai massages. When flying into Bangkok, a concierge fast-tracks fliers through immigration, customs and baggage claim. Seats on board become comfortable 180-degree flat beds. Other amenities include Bulgari toiletry kits, cotton pajamas and a choice of 22 entrees, which can be pre-ordered.

6. Emirates
Each of the roughly 18 seats in first-class can be transformed into a mini-suite by the use of sliding doors. Other perks include soft pajamas, slippers, 600 channels of on-demand entertainment, chauffeur service from select airports, seven-course meals served on bone china and access to lounges that have wi-fi, an extensive dining buffet and are decked out in Italian marble.

7. Jet Airways
This airline boasts the longest flat bed in the sky: 83 inches. Seats have 24-inch flat-screen televisions and can be configured so that two people can dine together. Champagne onboard is either Dom Perignon or Krug, and toiletry kits are filled with Bulgari products. Food includes a wide range of Indian and Western dishes. On the ground, an attendant escorts passengers through check-in and to the lounge.

8. Lufthansa
This airline, ranked third on the top-10 list, is a star performer on the ground. When fliers arrive at Frankfurt Airport, they lounge on couches and sip drinks while an attendant checks them in. After clearing security, they are led to a lounge where a chef cooks any meal of their choice. When it’s time to board, they are driven to the aircraft in a Mercedes. Comfortable lie-flat seats and efficient service await them onboard.

9. Korean Air
Korean Air debuted a new first-class cabin last year that features a cocoon-like seat with a massage function that turns into a flat bed. The airline also placed in the top 10 because of its excellent ethnic food that includes choices such as steamed oxtail, Korean bibimbop and various top-grade meat dishes.

10. Qantas Airways
The lounges in Sydney and Melbourne have a library, a fine-dining restaurant, a business center and a spa that offers massages. Seats onboard are 6.5 feet long, and entertainment is video on-demand (400 channels). The designer silk toiletry kits–Akira Isogawa for men, Collete Dinnigan for women–are stuffed with Payot products. Meals are eight-course affairs.

So you can see MAS at number four in this intensely competitive list of 10 best first classes in the world. I put this blog in the end to show you guys what has Malaysian Airlines achieved withh all the marketing approaches they made and few I mentioned in my previous blogs. It is clearly my favourite airlines and I am going to be loyal to them to my maximum extent. I had a great time reviewing and analyzing the standings and activities of MAS. Hope you guys has a lot of fun too by reading my blogs and I hope you got to know a lot of things about this amazing airlines company that you did not know. I wish it could go on for a little longer but I want it or not it is goodbye from me and MAS together. Let us shout for MH, which stands for Malaysian Hospitality!!!

Fooooood on feelings in my tummy...!!!

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Hello there folks. I have been dying to talk about the food on air with Malaysian Airlines. I am a food enthusiat and I really love the food during my flight journey I do not really know why. I like the formal process on air but the food needs to be gooooooood!!! Though anything to me tastes delicious when I am flying thousand feet above the sea level, may be some psychological thing. Anyways, in this blog of mine I am going to compare between the foods I had in two different airlines company, one is ofcourse my beloved Malaysian Airlines and another one is Thai Airlines.

Malaysian Airlines has a wide selection on their food starting from vege, non-vege and three different choices in the non-vege deprtment which are chicken, mutton and fish. I observed that the menu and may be the caterer or cook has been changed by the airlines company as the menu and food both sounds and tastes different respectively. Before I travelled this January the airlines company used to have chicken curry with rice, mutton curry with rice and fish fried in curry with rice. But this time I observed that the flight attendents was saying whether I want to have chicken tandoori (!!!), mutton rezala or fish in curry with my rice. I was saying to myself, "Well that's new!" I told her I wanted to have a chicken tandoori with my rice. but when I saw the chicken I again said to myself, "This is not tandoori..." Anyways I started eating that and I found it nice though it did not tasted even nearly as tandoori but the preparation was nice. So I really liked their food as always. Plus the flight attendents are really nice. I told her to give me orange juice 4 times!!! She did not mind, instead she gave me pleasent smiles and in the end I asked her for pepsi she brought me a whole can. I felt embarrased as I realized she understood that I am a beverage lover. Yes I am!!!

I travelled in Thai airways twice in my life and I must say they serve exquisite food. Their food preparation is nothing compared to Malaysian Airlines but I also keep in mind that the airlines company takes a lot more plane fare than Malaysian Airlines. My friends and relatives told me that food for the longer routes are different in Malaysian Airlines and the food is way better than Thai Airlines on Australian route. So can not blame Malaysian Airlines, may be it is the small fare they take on Malaysia-Bangladesh route. But whatever I love MAS!!! Here are some pictures for you guys for your eye candies. See you next time. Over and out...:D

Malaysian Airlines food for Malaysia to Rome

Food in Malaysian Airlines from Malaysia to sydney

Food in Thai Airways from Bangkok to Singapore

Food in Thai Airways from Bangkok to Taipei

So it is up to you to decide which airlines can satisfy your taste, I am holding my preference to Malaysian Airlines side. Hope to get your comments on this. Malaysian Airlines boleh!!!

Inside the aircrafts...

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Howdy my lovely colleagues. In this short blog of mine I am going to compare the in flight seating arrangements of Malaysian Airlines and Air Asia. I know a lot of travellers choose Air Asia for financial convenience but many of them do not even know about the promotions of Malaysian Airlines through which you can have a world class flight journey by spending a very little more than spending on Air Asia's flights. I know I have talked about the food already in my last blog, so in this blog I am just going to show you some pictures of inside seating arrangements of these two airlines companies and I will leave it up to you to decide what do you want.

Inside Air Asia's congested aircraft

My friend Hawa inside Air Asia on her way to Langkawi

Here you can see two images inside Air Asia's aircraft and you might notice that both these images show that Air Asia has only one row between the 3 seats each side which seems very uncomfortable to me. Even when I go to KL by Trasnasional or KKKL I look for single seats so that I can enjoy my 2 hours journey by relaxing my body by stretching. But in these aircrafts I do not think I can not not stretch myself even a little bit. To me journey by air should be the most relaxing one in the world. I can pay an extra few bucks for that without even minding a little bit.

Inside Malysian Airlines A-333

The graphical seating plan of an MH-A333

Now let us look inside a MH-A333 aircraft's seating plan, from the picture and the graphical image you can see that the aircraft has 2 seats in 2 sides and 4 seats in the middle with 2 rows. I have travelled in the aircraft 6 times already so I know this is far more convenient than that of Air Asia. Atleast it does not give you the urge to seat in a congested area inside the plane. So for me I prefer Malaysian Airlines seating arrangements. The other day Safura wrote that she prefers Air Asia to Malaysian Airlines, well my friend, in my last two blogs I have shown why I prefer Malaysian Airlines and why do I think it is better than Air Asia. Ofcourse I might have different views than my other classmates, but I want to share my reasoning with them and I want to know their reasonings as well. That was my focus for these last few blogs. Happy times people!

Now let's talk about business...;)

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Holla people, how have you been holding up? I am holding myself up enough to take the burden of my fyp!!! This blog will go down to analyze Malaysian Airlines' businesses. No matter how better services an airline company offers you you will still look into their packages and travelling fares. The world is becoming so much global and new airlines companies are joining the industry and offering low cost flights to attract customers and to be honest this startgey works. People these days travel a lot for business puposes, holidays and health check-up purposes etc. Everyone looks for the cheapest offer available in the industry, though they compare the services as well. But the main focus still remains on the price. Malaysian Airlines was used to be one of the most expensive airlines' in the industry, this airlines company used to give out very few promotions and price cuts. But from the last two years because of the enormous price competition among the airlines' after Air Asia's cheapest ever plane fares Malaysian Airlines has also changed their strategy of pricing. If you look at the pricing for Air Asia even inside Malaysia it will surprize you big time. Malaysian Airlines responded to this competition and came up with extra ordinary promotions and price cuts for both local and international flights. Now anyone can book and buy Malaysian Airlines' tickets via online and it costs up tp 70% cheaper than the normal price if the customer can book a flight one month before the departure. It actually makes the plane fare really cheaper and in some cases like travelling to Langkawi and Phuket it even beats the bus and train fares. So it is a big step for Malaysian Airlines to get back in the game.

Now if we look into the packages executed by Air Asia we can see the fare comparison is very high but we have to keep some facts under our consideration here. Air Asia does not provide food during their flights and it actually ets the airlines company cut the cost even 30% less. Along with that the in-flight assistances are also exoected to be lower than Malaysian Airlines. But people are still happy with Air Asia. May be for the local destinations it is still ok. But Air Asia is playing a big time tactics here which many of the people do not realize. Air Asia allows a passenger to carry only 15 kgs of luggage and 5 kgs of hand luggage in the flight, while Malaysian Airlines allows 25 kgs on luggage and 7-8 kgs in hand luggage. If any passenger wants to increase his luggage limit or buy luggage carrying allowance he or she has to pay quite a lot of extra bit of money and the most interesting thing is that it raise the fare near to the fare of Malaysian Airlines. For the local passengers it is still convenient as they do not need to carry much staff during their flights, but for an international flight for passengers like us, the students, the limit is too low. And specially I have compared the fare with Malaysian Airlines and I found out with the extra luggage payment it raises above RM 1100 while Malaysian Airlines offer the same flight for RM 1220 if passenger can buy one month ago. Plus Malaysian Airlines will provide much more in-flight assistance than Air Asia. The local might say it is okay but for an international destination you really need food, because plane journey is not like bus or train, it needs quite a bit of time and hassle before you get on board and on air you really feel like eating, am I wrong? No way! May be you guys think from a different angle.

A printed promotional advertisement from Malaysian Airlines

A printed promotional advertisement for Air Asia's packages

The most amazing thing with Air Asia's flights are also this that they offer in-flight food but you need to buy it. It is like ordering in a restaurant and then paying for eat after wards. How tacky is that? Now folks, when I go on board on a flight I do it for getting some exclusive services without paying. If I need to pay even for my food inside the aeroplane like I do in a mamak shop I am not going to go on board at all. I post a picture of this incident under this paragraph.

MAMAK shop on air by Air Asia

Even the guy took the picture labeled it as "Shitty Food in a plane." Well, I must say I agree with him as I see what they are serving on air, NASI LEMAK BIASA! Do not know about you guys, it is only you to decide whom will you prefer more. Till then it is ADIOS AMIGOS mates!

The operating air fleet of Malaysian airline...

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Good day folks, today I am going to talk about the wide coverage of Malaysian Airlines. You can all see the map of coverage I have put up here, the red lines are Malaysian Airlines net covering the world. Malaysian Airlines are competing with all the big names in the airlines industry these days by covering this wide network of flights, the airlines company is considered right after the Emirates, American Airlines, and Kuwait Airlines etc. This airlines company covers a wide area of the world including Asia, Africa, Americas, Europe all these continents. The numerous flights per day are maintained without delay with a large fleet of aircrafts under the hood of the airlines. There are total seven types of aircrafts in this airline company. They are: Airbus A330-200 and -300, Boeing 737-400, Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 777-200ER and its freighter (MASkargo) aircraft are Airbus A300-600, Boeing 747-200F and Boeing 747-400F. I have added quite a few pictures to amaze your eyes.

A beoing 747

An Airbus A330

An Airbus A330-200

An Airbus A380

A Boeing 777

A Boeing 737 (MASKargo)

Out of all these selections the airlines company use Airbus A330 for the smaller routes like flights to KLIA-Zia International Airport (Bangladesh). For the longer routes they use boeing 747 and 777. Boeing 737 is used for MASKargo, which is an extension of MAS for flying cargo. Malaysian Aitlines has also ordered airbus A380 to include in their fleet. But it is yet to be delivered. I travelled mostly in airbus A330 and I felt really comfortable in that aircraft. One of my friends in Australia also took Malaysian Airlines and the flight used a boring 747 and he said it was more comfortable then the Singapore Airlines. So I think Malaysian Aitlines is finding its way to the top slowly. I wish all the best for the company. This is all for today. See you in my next blog. Take care you guys...:)

Theme of MAS...beauuutiful...:)

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Hey my favourite bloggers, I am back with my journey of Malaysian Airlines on ground. Till now I only wrote about the major marketing changed of MAS, which can seem very boring to many of you. But you guys should know it as future marketers as those changes have been done by some people who were at your position once upon a time.

Enough with my lecture, phew, I realized I can talk a lot to teach people staff, lol. Today I am going to talk about something really nice about my favourite airlines brand and that is the theme song for MAS after they launched their branding as MAS. The theme song is clearly one of the best I have listened among many of the big shot companies. The title of the theme is "WE FLY." The theme song is for about 2 minutes and 45 seconds and it consists of a sooting music that will catch your attention but with it refreshing tune. I found it from my blogging's sake but now I listen to it every now and then to sooth me up in between writing my thesis for my fyp. Boy, fyp stresses me a lot!!! The lyrics for the theme is also very clear cut and it is same with the title, "We fly... beyond We fly... we fly Relax ... smiles We fly... Beyond... blue sky Beyond... we fly." They put these words in between the music and that's all from the theme. So you can get a clear message from the theme and it is that Malaysian Airlines fly you you all around the world. I request all of you to just listen to the theme even for once. We will know what am I talking about after that.

By the way my theme music for my blog is also this same music, so you guys can listen to it everythime you visit my blog and scroll to the end. Thanks to my friend Chien Hui to find this for me. That's all from me today. See you guys in one week time...:D

Branding of MAS, part-II...

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“MH is not just our airline code, it stands for Malaysian Hospitality."

Welcome back to my blog folks, I am going to continue my analysis on the branding of Malaysian Airlines which is MH-stands for Malaysian Hospitality.

The travellers travelled with MAS will surely feel the difference of the services provided inside the aircraft along with the attitude and attribute of the cabin crews as well. Malaysian Airlines is trying to attach Malaysian tradition with the branding of Malaysia and that is why the focus went to execute this latest branding strategy. In addition the budget of the company in this branding campaign was also a big factor beyond this. Malaysian Aitlines budget for this campaign was not enough to have a global campaign. So what the company did was execute the branding campaign focusing on the country of origin and make poeple aware that the brand name is attached with Malaysia. This was atwo way arrow, as it attracted the Malaysian passengers in terms of patriotism and also attracted foreigners who want to experience a touch of Malaysia on air. Following this strategy the airline company has teamed up with Tourism Malaysia to make the campaign stronger. The advertisements, overhead billboards, cabin crew attire and in flight catering everything followed the branding to make it a succesful one.

That is why the senior general manager Indira Nair has said that, “MH is not just our airline code, it stands for Malaysian Hospitality. It is the hospitality of Malaysians that we want to bring to our customers; to make them feel the warmth, friendliness and culture we have in Malaysia when they get on our flights while Malaysians will feel at home. The whole idea behind the campaign was to build on what we already had and to make it stronger. Our strategy is to offer a unique Malaysian experience and distinct offerings, which are aligned to the nation's aspirations. When customers talk about hospitality, they are looking for the basics. They want to feel important, be treated well and with respect. We believe we need to treat every passenger as we would treat a guest in our own homes. We are looking at Tourism Malaysia to make Malaysian hospitality something that every Malaysian can 'own', and that would be even more amazing.”-Star Bizz.

To me as a customer the airline company has done an excelent job and they surely made Malaysian Airlines far more strnger than before by attaching MH with it.

This will be all for today from me. Stay tuned for the next fact that will make you understand MAS more. Ciao!!!

Branding of MAS, part-I...

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"The evolution of MH-Malaysian Hospitality."

Hello everyone, I am back with my marketing focused research and blogging on Malaysian Airlines. This time I am goingto talk about the branding of Malaysian Airlines, which is MH-Malaysian Hospitality. Malaysian hospitality-MH is Malaysian Airline's latest marketing and publicity campaign, which has earned enormous acceptance in the airlines industry and traveling world. It has elevated the effort that Malaysian Airline has been putting on for a long time to position it in a new and elegant place in the airline industry. Now let us talk about the emergence of MH-Malaysian Hospitality as Malaysian Airline's unique marketing technique.

Malaysia Airlines' branding and publicity efforts have revolved primarily around flight crew, unlike most other airlines which tend to emphasize aircraft and an extensive route network. Malaysia Airlines uses its flight attendants to promote the airline. This branding strategy seeks to portray cabin crews of Malaysia Airlines as representative of Malaysian hospitality and friendliness. During the late 1990s to year 2007, Malaysia Airlines has been using the Going Beyond Expectations slogan to brand itself internationally by heavily promoting its service excellence. With the rollout of the Business Transformation Plan in 2008, the CEO of Malaysia Airlines rejected the idea of using MH's network or certain other features as its new branding strategy. Instead, the new branding strategy slogan is MH is Malaysian Hospitality, to emphasize the hospitality of its cabin crew instead of the airline's extensive network and its premium cabin and economy class cabin products.

The airline runs a training program for cabin and flight crew to ensure that the Malaysia Airlines brand experience is delivered correctly. The airline's repute, and the resulting prestige of the job, has allowed it to be highly selective during its recruitment process. Of every thousand candidates who go for interviews, only 50 or 60 are chosen. So it is clearly seen that Malaysian Airline has not just only put MH as a marketing or branding strategy but also has taken care of the elegance to be retained as promised.

In my next blog I am going to talk about a little more on this topic, till then it is bye from Tanvir.

The evolution of MAS logo, part-II...

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Good day to all my blog readers. In this blog of mine I am going to continue talking about the logo evolution of Malaysian Airlines. In my previous blog I talked about three logos that Malaysian Airlines used before they got to this point where they designed a whole new logo to express their promises to their customers.

The new corporate logo of Malaysian Airlines was designed by Mara Institute of Technology (Malay: Institut Teknologi Mara) later known as Mara University of Technology (Malay: Universiti Teknologi Mara) was introduced on 15th of October 1987, retaining the essence of the moon kite, with a sheared swept-back look. Along with the new corporate logo, a new type style - MALAYSIA, was created. It is italicized to slant parallel with the logo to accentuate speed as well as direction. Within this corporate type style, the letters MAS bear red clippings to denote the initials of the statutory name of the airline, Malaysian Airline System (MAS), and were added after the original design was rejected by former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir. The introduction of blue to the original red logo has national significance. The red and blue divides equally in the middle to denote the equilibrium the Airline company i desired to express. And this is how the company got the latest logo which is existing till recent dates. In my previous blog I put black and white pictures of the logos, but in this blog I put coloured logo pictures to fulfill my discussion on the Malaysian Airlines logo with a clearer picture of the logo evolution. I know it is a bit small but it emphasizes on the colours and that is my focus here as black and white can not show a lot of things.

What I wanted to focus on my last two blogs is that along with the small and medium service companies, big airlines company like Malaysian Airlines has also focused on consumers' perception rather than stressing themselves out by expressing their strength like they did before with the winged tiger logo. Customers like to see the reflection of promised care and nurture by the companies even in the companies' logos, I know this because I am also a customer of the airlines industry. The companies are also understanding the standings of the customers and restructuring their marketing efforts according to that understanding. In my upcoming blogs I am going to focus on the other marketing efforts of this airline company and my personal feedback on them. Stay tuned to be up-blog-dated!

The evolution of MAS logo, part-I...

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Hello everyone! I am back with my blog about Malaysian Airlines. As a member of the marketing students of MMU, I did a brief research on this airlines's historical efforts on marketing. A logo is a very big aspect of any company. If it is a logo of a big airline company like this then a lot of effort should be put in it. I myself find Malaysian Airlines logo very mild and inviting. But it is a result of a long series of evolution of logo designing by Malaysian Airlines. I would like to talk very briefly about the history of this evolution in my next two blog.

The history of the airline started in 1937, when Malayan Airways Limited was registered as a company. Flying operations started in 1947, with the aircraft bearing the symbol of a Winged Tiger. In 1963, the airline was renamed Malaysian Airways Limited, when the Federation of Malaysia was formed.

Subsequently, Borneo Airways Limited was absorbed by Malaysian Airways Limited. In 1965, with the political separation of Singapore from Malaysia, there was continued participation by the governments of Malaysia and Singapore in the airline. In 1967, the company changed its name to Malaysia-Singapore Airline Limited (MSA), which was the joint national air carrier for both countries, and a new logo was introduced.

In 1971, Malaysia-Singapore Airline Limited was separated into two airlines, each with its own policies and objectives, leading to the birth of Malaysia's flag carrier, Malaysian Airline System (MAS), on 3 April 1971. The name was chosen because, in abbreviated form, MAS (as in EMAS) in Malay means gold, to symbolize quality service.

In my next blog I will talk about the last edition in the evolution process in the logo design of Malaysian Airlines. Till then have a nice week folks!

The happening of something that never happened before!

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Hi all, this is Tanvir. I am a proud and male student of Multimedia University studying Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in Marketing Management. This is the first time I am writing my thoughts in words for public viewing as I never wrote any blog in my whole life, so I was kinda nervous at first about how to connect my thoughts with others through this blog. But then I realized we are all from the same planet, so it will not be that bad as I think I can connect my thoughts with others in some level. Therefore, here I am! Making something happen which has never ever happened before.

I chose Malaysian airlines as my subject of research for this blog for many reasons. First of all, in my two years of study I have never done any assignments about any of the airline company, so I wanted to do it this time. Secondly, the airline industry has become more competitive from the last two years and it is very interesting to see how they approach with their newer strategies to fly every time with maximum passengers in their aircrafts. Finally, as a traveler I keep on searching for the best offers time to time to limit my expenditure on the flight fare which is always a big one for international students like us; and personally, I have travelled most of the time with Malaysian airlines, so I want to talk about this airlines rather than any other in this blog.

My page is kinda boring now without any graphical works on it, but I promise I will be back in no time with eye catching design and mind blowing discussions. Till then ciao folks!