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Hello there folks. I have been dying to talk about the food on air with Malaysian Airlines. I am a food enthusiat and I really love the food during my flight journey I do not really know why. I like the formal process on air but the food needs to be gooooooood!!! Though anything to me tastes delicious when I am flying thousand feet above the sea level, may be some psychological thing. Anyways, in this blog of mine I am going to compare between the foods I had in two different airlines company, one is ofcourse my beloved Malaysian Airlines and another one is Thai Airlines.

Malaysian Airlines has a wide selection on their food starting from vege, non-vege and three different choices in the non-vege deprtment which are chicken, mutton and fish. I observed that the menu and may be the caterer or cook has been changed by the airlines company as the menu and food both sounds and tastes different respectively. Before I travelled this January the airlines company used to have chicken curry with rice, mutton curry with rice and fish fried in curry with rice. But this time I observed that the flight attendents was saying whether I want to have chicken tandoori (!!!), mutton rezala or fish in curry with my rice. I was saying to myself, "Well that's new!" I told her I wanted to have a chicken tandoori with my rice. but when I saw the chicken I again said to myself, "This is not tandoori..." Anyways I started eating that and I found it nice though it did not tasted even nearly as tandoori but the preparation was nice. So I really liked their food as always. Plus the flight attendents are really nice. I told her to give me orange juice 4 times!!! She did not mind, instead she gave me pleasent smiles and in the end I asked her for pepsi she brought me a whole can. I felt embarrased as I realized she understood that I am a beverage lover. Yes I am!!!

I travelled in Thai airways twice in my life and I must say they serve exquisite food. Their food preparation is nothing compared to Malaysian Airlines but I also keep in mind that the airlines company takes a lot more plane fare than Malaysian Airlines. My friends and relatives told me that food for the longer routes are different in Malaysian Airlines and the food is way better than Thai Airlines on Australian route. So can not blame Malaysian Airlines, may be it is the small fare they take on Malaysia-Bangladesh route. But whatever I love MAS!!! Here are some pictures for you guys for your eye candies. See you next time. Over and out...:D

Malaysian Airlines food for Malaysia to Rome

Food in Malaysian Airlines from Malaysia to sydney

Food in Thai Airways from Bangkok to Singapore

Food in Thai Airways from Bangkok to Taipei

So it is up to you to decide which airlines can satisfy your taste, I am holding my preference to Malaysian Airlines side. Hope to get your comments on this. Malaysian Airlines boleh!!!


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