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Howdy my lovely colleagues. In this short blog of mine I am going to compare the in flight seating arrangements of Malaysian Airlines and Air Asia. I know a lot of travellers choose Air Asia for financial convenience but many of them do not even know about the promotions of Malaysian Airlines through which you can have a world class flight journey by spending a very little more than spending on Air Asia's flights. I know I have talked about the food already in my last blog, so in this blog I am just going to show you some pictures of inside seating arrangements of these two airlines companies and I will leave it up to you to decide what do you want.

Inside Air Asia's congested aircraft

My friend Hawa inside Air Asia on her way to Langkawi

Here you can see two images inside Air Asia's aircraft and you might notice that both these images show that Air Asia has only one row between the 3 seats each side which seems very uncomfortable to me. Even when I go to KL by Trasnasional or KKKL I look for single seats so that I can enjoy my 2 hours journey by relaxing my body by stretching. But in these aircrafts I do not think I can not not stretch myself even a little bit. To me journey by air should be the most relaxing one in the world. I can pay an extra few bucks for that without even minding a little bit.

Inside Malysian Airlines A-333

The graphical seating plan of an MH-A333

Now let us look inside a MH-A333 aircraft's seating plan, from the picture and the graphical image you can see that the aircraft has 2 seats in 2 sides and 4 seats in the middle with 2 rows. I have travelled in the aircraft 6 times already so I know this is far more convenient than that of Air Asia. Atleast it does not give you the urge to seat in a congested area inside the plane. So for me I prefer Malaysian Airlines seating arrangements. The other day Safura wrote that she prefers Air Asia to Malaysian Airlines, well my friend, in my last two blogs I have shown why I prefer Malaysian Airlines and why do I think it is better than Air Asia. Ofcourse I might have different views than my other classmates, but I want to share my reasoning with them and I want to know their reasonings as well. That was my focus for these last few blogs. Happy times people!


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