Saying goodbye never seemed so hard...:(

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For the last time, how are all my beautiful and wonderful classmates? I hope very stressed up with fyp and consumer fair, right? I just want to thank all my classmates and specially Ms. Christine for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts via this blog to all of you towards my beloved airlines company. I have very much enjoyed doing this blog as this was the only assignment I yet did which did not have any specific guidlines, which really let us open up to each other and show it for the grades sake of each other. And the most amazing thing is I never did blogging or any IT related things before, so I gradually learnt how to blog my thoughts beautifully. That is why I really appreciate this approach by our beloved lecturer once again.

Today I would like to add on the information that Malaysian Airlines top management has also done similar thing for the airlines company by empowering the employees writing their own thoughts towards the company via blogging. I was really surprised to experience the irony that we are doing the same thing for our main purpose, we for study and them for their job. It was really amazing to find it out. In this blog they talk about anything happened, happening or going to happen inside the organization. This is a very good approach to me as it gives the company a good public exposure and also attracts the audiences closer to the company. Because as audiences, we judge the normal employees just like us but we position the top management of any company in higher stage and we also tend to think that the top management people are out of our league but the lower management employees can read our thoughts. So when we see them writing something we feel very touched with their emotional expressions.

So once again bravo to Malaysian Airlines for their recent approaches which show their efforts of trying to be a familiar and homely name to the customers for better acceptance. I wish their success to the maximum limit and I also wish all my fellow classmates a very prosperous trimester ahead (whatever we are left with) and also Ms. Christine thank you and best of luck. Finally best of luck to me for my future life ahead as I am finishing of my MMU academic life this trimester hopefully. Gambateh people, live life to the fullest...:D

This is the link for the MAS blog: or you can just go click on the link named MAS's blog that I have posted just after my blog list...:)


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