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Holla people, how have you been holding up? I am holding myself up enough to take the burden of my fyp!!! This blog will go down to analyze Malaysian Airlines' businesses. No matter how better services an airline company offers you you will still look into their packages and travelling fares. The world is becoming so much global and new airlines companies are joining the industry and offering low cost flights to attract customers and to be honest this startgey works. People these days travel a lot for business puposes, holidays and health check-up purposes etc. Everyone looks for the cheapest offer available in the industry, though they compare the services as well. But the main focus still remains on the price. Malaysian Airlines was used to be one of the most expensive airlines' in the industry, this airlines company used to give out very few promotions and price cuts. But from the last two years because of the enormous price competition among the airlines' after Air Asia's cheapest ever plane fares Malaysian Airlines has also changed their strategy of pricing. If you look at the pricing for Air Asia even inside Malaysia it will surprize you big time. Malaysian Airlines responded to this competition and came up with extra ordinary promotions and price cuts for both local and international flights. Now anyone can book and buy Malaysian Airlines' tickets via online and it costs up tp 70% cheaper than the normal price if the customer can book a flight one month before the departure. It actually makes the plane fare really cheaper and in some cases like travelling to Langkawi and Phuket it even beats the bus and train fares. So it is a big step for Malaysian Airlines to get back in the game.

Now if we look into the packages executed by Air Asia we can see the fare comparison is very high but we have to keep some facts under our consideration here. Air Asia does not provide food during their flights and it actually ets the airlines company cut the cost even 30% less. Along with that the in-flight assistances are also exoected to be lower than Malaysian Airlines. But people are still happy with Air Asia. May be for the local destinations it is still ok. But Air Asia is playing a big time tactics here which many of the people do not realize. Air Asia allows a passenger to carry only 15 kgs of luggage and 5 kgs of hand luggage in the flight, while Malaysian Airlines allows 25 kgs on luggage and 7-8 kgs in hand luggage. If any passenger wants to increase his luggage limit or buy luggage carrying allowance he or she has to pay quite a lot of extra bit of money and the most interesting thing is that it raise the fare near to the fare of Malaysian Airlines. For the local passengers it is still convenient as they do not need to carry much staff during their flights, but for an international flight for passengers like us, the students, the limit is too low. And specially I have compared the fare with Malaysian Airlines and I found out with the extra luggage payment it raises above RM 1100 while Malaysian Airlines offer the same flight for RM 1220 if passenger can buy one month ago. Plus Malaysian Airlines will provide much more in-flight assistance than Air Asia. The local might say it is okay but for an international destination you really need food, because plane journey is not like bus or train, it needs quite a bit of time and hassle before you get on board and on air you really feel like eating, am I wrong? No way! May be you guys think from a different angle.

A printed promotional advertisement from Malaysian Airlines

A printed promotional advertisement for Air Asia's packages

The most amazing thing with Air Asia's flights are also this that they offer in-flight food but you need to buy it. It is like ordering in a restaurant and then paying for eat after wards. How tacky is that? Now folks, when I go on board on a flight I do it for getting some exclusive services without paying. If I need to pay even for my food inside the aeroplane like I do in a mamak shop I am not going to go on board at all. I post a picture of this incident under this paragraph.

MAMAK shop on air by Air Asia

Even the guy took the picture labeled it as "Shitty Food in a plane." Well, I must say I agree with him as I see what they are serving on air, NASI LEMAK BIASA! Do not know about you guys, it is only you to decide whom will you prefer more. Till then it is ADIOS AMIGOS mates!


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