The evolution of MAS logo, part-II...

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Good day to all my blog readers. In this blog of mine I am going to continue talking about the logo evolution of Malaysian Airlines. In my previous blog I talked about three logos that Malaysian Airlines used before they got to this point where they designed a whole new logo to express their promises to their customers.

The new corporate logo of Malaysian Airlines was designed by Mara Institute of Technology (Malay: Institut Teknologi Mara) later known as Mara University of Technology (Malay: Universiti Teknologi Mara) was introduced on 15th of October 1987, retaining the essence of the moon kite, with a sheared swept-back look. Along with the new corporate logo, a new type style - MALAYSIA, was created. It is italicized to slant parallel with the logo to accentuate speed as well as direction. Within this corporate type style, the letters MAS bear red clippings to denote the initials of the statutory name of the airline, Malaysian Airline System (MAS), and were added after the original design was rejected by former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir. The introduction of blue to the original red logo has national significance. The red and blue divides equally in the middle to denote the equilibrium the Airline company i desired to express. And this is how the company got the latest logo which is existing till recent dates. In my previous blog I put black and white pictures of the logos, but in this blog I put coloured logo pictures to fulfill my discussion on the Malaysian Airlines logo with a clearer picture of the logo evolution. I know it is a bit small but it emphasizes on the colours and that is my focus here as black and white can not show a lot of things.

What I wanted to focus on my last two blogs is that along with the small and medium service companies, big airlines company like Malaysian Airlines has also focused on consumers' perception rather than stressing themselves out by expressing their strength like they did before with the winged tiger logo. Customers like to see the reflection of promised care and nurture by the companies even in the companies' logos, I know this because I am also a customer of the airlines industry. The companies are also understanding the standings of the customers and restructuring their marketing efforts according to that understanding. In my upcoming blogs I am going to focus on the other marketing efforts of this airline company and my personal feedback on them. Stay tuned to be up-blog-dated!

The evolution of MAS logo, part-I...

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Hello everyone! I am back with my blog about Malaysian Airlines. As a member of the marketing students of MMU, I did a brief research on this airlines's historical efforts on marketing. A logo is a very big aspect of any company. If it is a logo of a big airline company like this then a lot of effort should be put in it. I myself find Malaysian Airlines logo very mild and inviting. But it is a result of a long series of evolution of logo designing by Malaysian Airlines. I would like to talk very briefly about the history of this evolution in my next two blog.

The history of the airline started in 1937, when Malayan Airways Limited was registered as a company. Flying operations started in 1947, with the aircraft bearing the symbol of a Winged Tiger. In 1963, the airline was renamed Malaysian Airways Limited, when the Federation of Malaysia was formed.

Subsequently, Borneo Airways Limited was absorbed by Malaysian Airways Limited. In 1965, with the political separation of Singapore from Malaysia, there was continued participation by the governments of Malaysia and Singapore in the airline. In 1967, the company changed its name to Malaysia-Singapore Airline Limited (MSA), which was the joint national air carrier for both countries, and a new logo was introduced.

In 1971, Malaysia-Singapore Airline Limited was separated into two airlines, each with its own policies and objectives, leading to the birth of Malaysia's flag carrier, Malaysian Airline System (MAS), on 3 April 1971. The name was chosen because, in abbreviated form, MAS (as in EMAS) in Malay means gold, to symbolize quality service.

In my next blog I will talk about the last edition in the evolution process in the logo design of Malaysian Airlines. Till then have a nice week folks!

The happening of something that never happened before!

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Hi all, this is Tanvir. I am a proud and male student of Multimedia University studying Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in Marketing Management. This is the first time I am writing my thoughts in words for public viewing as I never wrote any blog in my whole life, so I was kinda nervous at first about how to connect my thoughts with others through this blog. But then I realized we are all from the same planet, so it will not be that bad as I think I can connect my thoughts with others in some level. Therefore, here I am! Making something happen which has never ever happened before.

I chose Malaysian airlines as my subject of research for this blog for many reasons. First of all, in my two years of study I have never done any assignments about any of the airline company, so I wanted to do it this time. Secondly, the airline industry has become more competitive from the last two years and it is very interesting to see how they approach with their newer strategies to fly every time with maximum passengers in their aircrafts. Finally, as a traveler I keep on searching for the best offers time to time to limit my expenditure on the flight fare which is always a big one for international students like us; and personally, I have travelled most of the time with Malaysian airlines, so I want to talk about this airlines rather than any other in this blog.

My page is kinda boring now without any graphical works on it, but I promise I will be back in no time with eye catching design and mind blowing discussions. Till then ciao folks!