The operating air fleet of Malaysian airline...

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Good day folks, today I am going to talk about the wide coverage of Malaysian Airlines. You can all see the map of coverage I have put up here, the red lines are Malaysian Airlines net covering the world. Malaysian Airlines are competing with all the big names in the airlines industry these days by covering this wide network of flights, the airlines company is considered right after the Emirates, American Airlines, and Kuwait Airlines etc. This airlines company covers a wide area of the world including Asia, Africa, Americas, Europe all these continents. The numerous flights per day are maintained without delay with a large fleet of aircrafts under the hood of the airlines. There are total seven types of aircrafts in this airline company. They are: Airbus A330-200 and -300, Boeing 737-400, Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 777-200ER and its freighter (MASkargo) aircraft are Airbus A300-600, Boeing 747-200F and Boeing 747-400F. I have added quite a few pictures to amaze your eyes.

A beoing 747

An Airbus A330

An Airbus A330-200

An Airbus A380

A Boeing 777

A Boeing 737 (MASKargo)

Out of all these selections the airlines company use Airbus A330 for the smaller routes like flights to KLIA-Zia International Airport (Bangladesh). For the longer routes they use boeing 747 and 777. Boeing 737 is used for MASKargo, which is an extension of MAS for flying cargo. Malaysian Aitlines has also ordered airbus A380 to include in their fleet. But it is yet to be delivered. I travelled mostly in airbus A330 and I felt really comfortable in that aircraft. One of my friends in Australia also took Malaysian Airlines and the flight used a boring 747 and he said it was more comfortable then the Singapore Airlines. So I think Malaysian Aitlines is finding its way to the top slowly. I wish all the best for the company. This is all for today. See you in my next blog. Take care you guys...:)

Theme of MAS...beauuutiful...:)

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Hey my favourite bloggers, I am back with my journey of Malaysian Airlines on ground. Till now I only wrote about the major marketing changed of MAS, which can seem very boring to many of you. But you guys should know it as future marketers as those changes have been done by some people who were at your position once upon a time.

Enough with my lecture, phew, I realized I can talk a lot to teach people staff, lol. Today I am going to talk about something really nice about my favourite airlines brand and that is the theme song for MAS after they launched their branding as MAS. The theme song is clearly one of the best I have listened among many of the big shot companies. The title of the theme is "WE FLY." The theme song is for about 2 minutes and 45 seconds and it consists of a sooting music that will catch your attention but with it refreshing tune. I found it from my blogging's sake but now I listen to it every now and then to sooth me up in between writing my thesis for my fyp. Boy, fyp stresses me a lot!!! The lyrics for the theme is also very clear cut and it is same with the title, "We fly... beyond We fly... we fly Relax ... smiles We fly... Beyond... blue sky Beyond... we fly." They put these words in between the music and that's all from the theme. So you can get a clear message from the theme and it is that Malaysian Airlines fly you you all around the world. I request all of you to just listen to the theme even for once. We will know what am I talking about after that.

By the way my theme music for my blog is also this same music, so you guys can listen to it everythime you visit my blog and scroll to the end. Thanks to my friend Chien Hui to find this for me. That's all from me today. See you guys in one week time...:D

Branding of MAS, part-II...

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“MH is not just our airline code, it stands for Malaysian Hospitality."

Welcome back to my blog folks, I am going to continue my analysis on the branding of Malaysian Airlines which is MH-stands for Malaysian Hospitality.

The travellers travelled with MAS will surely feel the difference of the services provided inside the aircraft along with the attitude and attribute of the cabin crews as well. Malaysian Airlines is trying to attach Malaysian tradition with the branding of Malaysia and that is why the focus went to execute this latest branding strategy. In addition the budget of the company in this branding campaign was also a big factor beyond this. Malaysian Aitlines budget for this campaign was not enough to have a global campaign. So what the company did was execute the branding campaign focusing on the country of origin and make poeple aware that the brand name is attached with Malaysia. This was atwo way arrow, as it attracted the Malaysian passengers in terms of patriotism and also attracted foreigners who want to experience a touch of Malaysia on air. Following this strategy the airline company has teamed up with Tourism Malaysia to make the campaign stronger. The advertisements, overhead billboards, cabin crew attire and in flight catering everything followed the branding to make it a succesful one.

That is why the senior general manager Indira Nair has said that, “MH is not just our airline code, it stands for Malaysian Hospitality. It is the hospitality of Malaysians that we want to bring to our customers; to make them feel the warmth, friendliness and culture we have in Malaysia when they get on our flights while Malaysians will feel at home. The whole idea behind the campaign was to build on what we already had and to make it stronger. Our strategy is to offer a unique Malaysian experience and distinct offerings, which are aligned to the nation's aspirations. When customers talk about hospitality, they are looking for the basics. They want to feel important, be treated well and with respect. We believe we need to treat every passenger as we would treat a guest in our own homes. We are looking at Tourism Malaysia to make Malaysian hospitality something that every Malaysian can 'own', and that would be even more amazing.”-Star Bizz.

To me as a customer the airline company has done an excelent job and they surely made Malaysian Airlines far more strnger than before by attaching MH with it.

This will be all for today from me. Stay tuned for the next fact that will make you understand MAS more. Ciao!!!

Branding of MAS, part-I...

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"The evolution of MH-Malaysian Hospitality."

Hello everyone, I am back with my marketing focused research and blogging on Malaysian Airlines. This time I am goingto talk about the branding of Malaysian Airlines, which is MH-Malaysian Hospitality. Malaysian hospitality-MH is Malaysian Airline's latest marketing and publicity campaign, which has earned enormous acceptance in the airlines industry and traveling world. It has elevated the effort that Malaysian Airline has been putting on for a long time to position it in a new and elegant place in the airline industry. Now let us talk about the emergence of MH-Malaysian Hospitality as Malaysian Airline's unique marketing technique.

Malaysia Airlines' branding and publicity efforts have revolved primarily around flight crew, unlike most other airlines which tend to emphasize aircraft and an extensive route network. Malaysia Airlines uses its flight attendants to promote the airline. This branding strategy seeks to portray cabin crews of Malaysia Airlines as representative of Malaysian hospitality and friendliness. During the late 1990s to year 2007, Malaysia Airlines has been using the Going Beyond Expectations slogan to brand itself internationally by heavily promoting its service excellence. With the rollout of the Business Transformation Plan in 2008, the CEO of Malaysia Airlines rejected the idea of using MH's network or certain other features as its new branding strategy. Instead, the new branding strategy slogan is MH is Malaysian Hospitality, to emphasize the hospitality of its cabin crew instead of the airline's extensive network and its premium cabin and economy class cabin products.

The airline runs a training program for cabin and flight crew to ensure that the Malaysia Airlines brand experience is delivered correctly. The airline's repute, and the resulting prestige of the job, has allowed it to be highly selective during its recruitment process. Of every thousand candidates who go for interviews, only 50 or 60 are chosen. So it is clearly seen that Malaysian Airline has not just only put MH as a marketing or branding strategy but also has taken care of the elegance to be retained as promised.

In my next blog I am going to talk about a little more on this topic, till then it is bye from Tanvir.